March 8, 2017 Bianca Porrino

Best 5 Wedding Venues To Get Married In Sydney

Planning to get married in Sydney? Then check out our best 5 places to get married in Sydney, below.

For any couple, the venue is almost everything about the wedding because as soon as the guests enter, they will already get an idea of how the actual wedding will be. They can only imagine, but now it’s the real thing and the beauty of the place is the first thing they are going to notice. From interiors of the venue to the decorations, your wedding will surely be memorable if the venue is excellent. These are Celebrant Match’s best picks of venues in Sydney to get married at!

Boat House, Palm Beach

If you want a rustic and vast view of pittwater and the beach, this Sydney wedding venue has a very fantastic, lovely, and simple atmosphere that will make your day. Welcoming you is a variety of beautiful flowers that they personally grow which can make up for some of your flower decoration needs. Weddings can be held at the main venue area or one of the beaches surrounding the area or they also have a Bible Garden that can capture your heart. If you are looking for a relaxed wedding, this is perfect for you.


Fairground Follies, Sydney

For a couple who wants to try something a bit different and unconventional, Fairground Follies one will give you a feeling as if you are in a circus. They have a carnival hall that has a carousel for guests to enjoy and can also provide clowns and novelty freak shows for entertainment. But be warned, this Sydney wedding location isn’t for everyone.


Sergeants Mess, Mosman

Set in a waterfront location, it is a Sydney wedding venue that will stun you with awe. It is very sleek, modern, and stylish. If you have a lot of guests, their dining area can accommodate up to 250 guests that gives you a view of Chowder Bay. Bradley’s Head is one of their amazing areas where ceremonies can be held. There is also Clifton Gardens, and Sirius Cove which are both equally beautiful.


Pier One, Sydney Harbour

Why not have the Sydney Harbour as your view? Pier One, located on Dawes Point has the most breath taking views on the harbour anyone could ask for. Spread between two rooms, Pier One’s guest numbers can range from 60 to 200 making it an ideal location for any wedding.


Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, Kangaroo Valley

A very laid-back venue for a small wedding of 68 guests, but there is 100 acres of bushland and riverside property. They have pretty spots where wedding ceremonies can take place and they are the Rock Cathedral or have it on the deck where you get a view of a valley and the river.

These are you top 5 picks of wedding locations in Sydney but it’s time to take your pick and make your wedding something that everyone will be talking about!


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